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Experts Helping Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

The Small Business Advisory Board of Minnesota was founded to connect small and mid-sized businesses owners with experts to improve their operations. we do this through Lunch and Learns, workshops and as an advisory board for hire.   You don’t have to be on your own island trying to figure out how to handle your business on your own! The solution is to be surrounded by experts in many different fields.

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It has taken many years, but we believe we have found the best group of professionals in each industry for the Small Business Advisory Board. We are a group of professionals that every business owner would love to have access to for advice and support whether they are a startup business or have been in business for over 20 years and everything in between. We have experience in every type of business and every type of industry imaginable. Please check out our directory of professionals and join us during one of our lunch meetings!

What We Do

The Small Business Advisory Board hosts a FREE (on your first visit) monthly luncheon on a variety of business related topics and provides a great networking resource for business owners. Meet dozens of other business owners and of course our Experts! Besides our monthly event we also teach in depth educational workshops that mirror the quarterly lunch topics. If you loved what you saw at the luncheon but want to learn MORE, then you will definitely be interested in attending those.

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We also connect those entrepreneurs who may be seeking investments with potential investors, offer advertising opportunities as a Sponsor or Preferred Vendor, and can be hired as Advisory Board to consult with your unique professional obstacles.

Preferred Vendors