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Do You Have A Superbowl Contender Team?

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What does it take to create a team that can take your business to the finish line and win the game?

The first step in creating a winning team is to determine the game and know what the team is playing for. Is your team playing football, baseball, or soccer? Let’s say they are playing football, what kind of football are they playing; touch, flag, or tackle football? What is the objective they are working towards? The NFC or AFC division championship, or the ultimate win, the Super Bowl?

Before you build your champion team you as the owner, coach, and cheerleader must answer the following questions:

  • What game will the team be playing?
  • Why is the team playing the game?
  • When is the best time to recruit the team?
  • Who do you want playing the game?
  • Where will you draft your best players from?
  • How will your team execute the key plays and how will you keep them happy, motivated, and persistent?

Make sure your organization is ready to get into the game and stay in the game.

Ultimately, it is the team that creates the win for which your organization plays. So where do you start?

  • Create a game plan you know works: have strong, consistent processes
  • Make sure you understand the gaps on the team
    • Who are your current players and are they a good fit for the team?
    • Who do you need on your team?
  • Have a plan for recruiting your team and use good hiring practices while you scout your talent
  • Assess your possible recruits to ensure they can fulfill the position
  • Determine if you need short-term or long-term players

Execute your game plan with top talent and you’ll see the results and reap the rewards!

You can’t expect the kind of results you want if you are not clear about your wins and losses. You must always be aware of what is working, what is not working, and what your options are.

  • Understand your organization’s strengths and gaps: financial, customer, processes, and people
  • Determine how well you really understand your current players and coaches
  • Consider the need for independent players to fill in some gaps: consultants, partners, expert advisors, investors etc.
  • Gain yardage by increasing your resources – time, capacity, and money
  • Pass your risk (Worker’s Compensation) and focus on what you do best – WIN!

Most importantly, make sure you understand the rules of the game. Rules and referees are an essential part of ensuring a game’s fairness. It’s critical to a team’s success to have a clear understanding of the rules and how a referee would apply and interpret those rules. As the coach of your business and team, here are two areas where you must have a very clear understanding of the rules:

  • Exempt vs. Nonexempt Classifications
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classifications

Following the rules can prevent costly penalties and litigation as your team pushes towards attaining that Super Bowl ring!

Don’t wait to create your Super Bowl contending team. Join the SBAB team experts on February 21st. They understand the game you are playing, they know some trick plays that lead to touchdowns, and they can’t wait to cheer you on towards your biggest win yet!

SBAB Contributors: Jessica Hamilton, HR Consultant; Jodi Milbradt, Employer Solutions; Deb Sauder, Leadership Strategist; Zaylore Stout, Employment Lawyer.

Please Join Us!

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You wont want to miss this! Coming in February, The Healthy Workplace: 10 Ways to Build a Great Work Environment That Produces Meaningful Results

Meet with our experts Jessica Hamilton (HR Consultant), Deb Sauder (Leadership Strategist), and Zaylore Stout (Employment Attorney) while they dive into the topic of corporate culture. This will be an interactive workshop!

Wednesday, February 7th, 9:30-11:30 am

Officenters-International Plaza

7900 International Drive, Suite 300

Bloomington, MN 55425

Questions? Send us an email at info@smallbizab.com ! Register at: https://smallbizab.com/events/the-healthy-workplace-workshop/

Are Your Employees Happy?

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Are you a business owner with employee problems such as…


  • Negative attitudes?
  • Drama in the workplace?
  • High turnover?
  • High Absenteeism?
  • Poor work ethic?
  • Poor job fit?
  • Lack of good candidates?


If any of these issues sound familiar to you, you’re not alone.  Having an engaged and productive workforce is critical to the success of your business and as you know, getting the people part right is sometimes the most difficult thing to do.   Register now and join us on December 13th to connect with other business owners navigating the same obstacles you are.  Get free, tangible and effective tips from industry experts on best practices and innovative ideas in creating a great work environment.


Our panel of experts will give you key actions you can take to:


  • Assess your current culture
  • Stay on top of important best practices to avoid legal issues
  • Increase current employee engagement
  • Attract and retain great talent


Why attend?  Because happy employees mean happy customers.  Create a happy, healthy, and engaged workplace in 2018 and experience the positive results in your business!


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The Small Business Advisory Board is happy to have Interact4Impact of Burnsville as a sponsor of our June luncheon event. Representing Interact4Impact at the luncheon will be Shannon Lovejoy, Business Development, and Deb Sauder, Founder, CEO. Read more below to learn about Deb and Shannon and how Interact4Impact makes a difference with businesses and their teams.

Interact4Impact works with growing, small to midsize businesses to elevate the performance of their people. They do this by providing simple and effective tools and strategies to align, hire, develop, and retain great talent and create healthy, engaged, and productive workplaces.

CEO, and long-time SBAB member, Deb Sauder, has over 25 years of experience in equipping people to generate meaningful results in their personal and professional lives, over 15 years of experience in leading teams in organizational and community projects, and over 10 years of experience in helping small businesses and organizations thrive.  Through her candid and innovative approach, Deb motivates leaders and teams to interact effectively and take strategic, purposeful actions towards their vision of success.

Shannon Lovejoy is a recent addition to the Interact4Impact team, but she is not new to successfully serving and leading others. Shannon comes to Interact4Impact from the hospitality industry with years of experience in sales and event planning. Through her own personal experience, Shannon understands the impact Interact4Impact’s services can have for people in the workplace. This is one of the reasons she is so excited to be on the Interact4Impact team.

For more information about Interat4Impact and their team, please contact Deb or Shannon at 952-222-3067 or go to their website at www.interact4impact.com.

UPS Store-June Sponsor

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The Small Business Advisory Board is lucky to have Anne McClimon of the UPS Store as both a member AND a sponsor for this month’s luncheon!! Read below to learn more about Anne and her business!

As the owner/operator of The UPS Store Eagan and Bloomington, I am committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to our customers. I have 16+ years of experience with The UPS Store and my team is prepared to create everything from business cards to vehicle decals!

Working with businesses of all sizes, we support all types of organizations, from start-up companies to large corporations.

We can do everything from designing your material and creating a new unique brand – taking it one step further and designing a consistent look for all of your business needs.

Working closely with our clients, we identify solutions for all of their printing and design needs. Our goal is to help our clients to stand out from their competition and leave a lasting impression.

For more information please contact Anne McClimon at 651-687-0440 or visit their website at  https://eagan-mn-2636.theupsstorelocal.com/

What Can A Business Health Check Do for You?

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By now you probably heard about our new one of a kind “Business Health Check” but you might be wondering, “What could it possibly do for me?”  The easiest way for us to answer that question is list some of the best things that we were able to identify and help fix for our clients following a simple health check!  Here are some amazing things we have helped with so far in 2017:

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May Sponsor-CorTrust Bank

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The SBAB in proud to welcome Tim Swanson of CorTrust bank as our May luncheon sponsor!

With an 85-year history and the most modern banking technology, CorTrust provides the financial solutions you need to get the most out of every day and every dollar. From the convenience of our 25 multi state locations, including Woodbury, Blaine, and Brooklyn Park;  plus online banking to mortgages, wealth management and insurance, you can rest assured you’ll always receive a higher level of personal service and expert advice.

As an experienced commercial banking officer, I am committed to helping our business clients grow and prosper. My goal is to provide customized lending solutions which may include loans for working capital, equipment purchases, and owner-occupied commercial real estate. My specialties include SBA and conventional loans for businesses with needs ranging from $250,000 to $7,500,000. I have experience working with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and professional service firms.

For more information please contact Tim directly at 651-289-5000  TSwanson@cortrustbank.com .

High Value Marketing Workshop!

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Please join us Thursday May 18th for a one of a kind marketing workshop!

Marketing Analysis starts with  the understanding of your current marketing and advertising efforts, customer insights and your brand positioning against your competitor. This workshop will cover the core areas of building a current marketing plan and budget as well as some best practices for auditing your current Social Media and digital marketing programs.

Marketing Specialist – Larry Davis and Digital Marketing Specialist – Kyle Payne will lead this workshop that is guaranteed to provide you some tips and action plans that you can implement in your own company’s marketing journey.

Topics to Include:

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Marketing Introduction

One Page Marketing Audit – a “snapshot” of where you are at today.

Building a Customer Profile and Segmentations

Customer Value

Understanding & Mapping the Customer Journey

Marketing Budget Plan


Digital Marketing Introduction

Digital Multichannel Marketing

Social Media Channels – Audit.

Identifying Influencers

Building Your Channels


Making Customer Loyalty Actionable


Bonus For Attending –  Website Check-up  $500 value

We will give you a detailed test of your current website.  The test includes a technical review, a marketing review and side-by-side comparison of your SEO performance against your competitors. You don’t want to miss this workshop!


Sign up today at https://smallbizab.com/events/marketing-workshop/