Supplier discounts .. Something to think about

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Attached is a nice article showing you how you can have your cake and eat it to0.  Taking advantage of supplier discounts and improving your cash availability.

This is something that is regularly discussed at the Monthly SBAB luncheons.    If this is of interest to you,  you should consider attending.


Some things simply stay the same.

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I came across a report that highlighted four key areas on which to focus your recovery strategies:

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Devices in the Workforce
  • Social Networks

Looking at today’s business climate, these are certainly four areas that can still impact your environment.

What’s interesting is that the list is from a CIO poll from April, 2012.  A lot of the basic elements of your recovery strategy really haven’t changed in the last five years (if not longer).  Nonetheless, important areas for your planning.

 As you work on your recovery strategies, here are some key points you to consider:

 Size does not matter.

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Are you numb yet?

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Security’s important — you all get that — but after a while all of the shouting about passwords, hacks, murky intrigue, money lost, identity theft, Internet outages, and you just stop listening. You’re numb and you do nothing. Unfortunately, the bad guys are continuing their efforts to make money from you inaction. So at the very least, get a handle on your exposure.

But quite frankly, the sky is not falling.

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Technology – Love it, Hate it, Accept it, Deal with it…

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Regardless of the size of your organization, you have certain reliance on technology in order to be productive and to an extent successful.  No one seems to leave their home or office without their phone.  We all use e-mail for communicating to the rest of the world.  But that’s just the starting point.  Suppose your company gets a bit of success and you start growing, which means adding employees.  Next up is adding office space for you and your employees, which means creating an office network.  Now you’re faced with more questions, wired or wireless? Should you get everyone a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet? Do I really need a firewall and anti-virus? 

Managing technology to meet your business’ needs doesn’t need to be overly complicated, but how do you pick where to spend your technology dollars?  How do you ensure you’re focusing on what’s important and what’s (perhaps) frivolous?   Then once selected and in use, there’s more to it than just making sure power stays on. 

Every business owner must decide where to allocate funds, and it can be difficult to reconcile spending a huge amount on technology without seeing immediate returns. But technology is an integral part of your organization, and can offer widespread and lasting benefits. Technology should be viewed as both a cost of doing business, and an opportunity to do more.

Plus, don’t forget about cyber security, hackers, and data breaches. 

The next SBAB luncheon will provide some insights on these points and even more.  Our panel (Al BeVier with Helix Business Service and Tim Elemes with Huber Advisors) will provide some insight on technology, and provide some key points to take away that will help guide you through your technology planning. 

Benefits and Insurance Essentials for Employers

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Come join us for our monthly luncheon focusing on Benefits and Insurance Essentials for Employers and Employees. As an Business owner you will find out what types of Insurance are essential for your business. As you grow and hire employees what is required for insurance and benefits?  Presented by our SBAB experts, Leanne Casanova (State Farm), Jodi Milbradt (Employer Solutions Group) and Jessica Hamilton (Human Resources-Strategic Projects).

First time guests are FREE!  If you are a repeat guest, the cost is still only $20. Meeting will begin at 11:30 with lunch served at 11:45. Presentation begins with our experts teaching on the month’s topic and is followed by an open Q and A. Guests can ask questions of our members and pick their brains for expert advice. Meeting always ends promptly at 1:00 pm!


Work Life Balance: In Defense of Work

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Come  see us at our luncheon next Wednesday July 19th to learn more about Work Life Balance!

We have all heard the phrase “work life balance” and we all know what it refers to – how to keep from being burned out by our careers or our desire to make money. What I don’t like about the phrase “Life Work Balance” is that it draws up the image of work on one side of the fulcrum and life on the other — as though work and life were at opposite ends of the spectrum, that to work was to have no life and a life at its best means never working. I don’t agree.

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The Small Business Advisory Board is happy to have Interact4Impact of Burnsville as a sponsor of our June luncheon event. Representing Interact4Impact at the luncheon will be Shannon Lovejoy, Business Development, and Deb Sauder, Founder, CEO. Read more below to learn about Deb and Shannon and how Interact4Impact makes a difference with businesses and their teams.

Interact4Impact works with growing, small to midsize businesses to elevate the performance of their people. They do this by providing simple and effective tools and strategies to align, hire, develop, and retain great talent and create healthy, engaged, and productive workplaces.

CEO, and long-time SBAB member, Deb Sauder, has over 25 years of experience in equipping people to generate meaningful results in their personal and professional lives, over 15 years of experience in leading teams in organizational and community projects, and over 10 years of experience in helping small businesses and organizations thrive.  Through her candid and innovative approach, Deb motivates leaders and teams to interact effectively and take strategic, purposeful actions towards their vision of success.

Shannon Lovejoy is a recent addition to the Interact4Impact team, but she is not new to successfully serving and leading others. Shannon comes to Interact4Impact from the hospitality industry with years of experience in sales and event planning. Through her own personal experience, Shannon understands the impact Interact4Impact’s services can have for people in the workplace. This is one of the reasons she is so excited to be on the Interact4Impact team.

For more information about Interat4Impact and their team, please contact Deb or Shannon at 952-222-3067 or go to their website at

UPS Store-June Sponsor

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The Small Business Advisory Board is lucky to have Anne McClimon of the UPS Store as both a member AND a sponsor for this month’s luncheon!! Read below to learn more about Anne and her business!

As the owner/operator of The UPS Store Eagan and Bloomington, I am committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to our customers. I have 16+ years of experience with The UPS Store and my team is prepared to create everything from business cards to vehicle decals!

Working with businesses of all sizes, we support all types of organizations, from start-up companies to large corporations.

We can do everything from designing your material and creating a new unique brand – taking it one step further and designing a consistent look for all of your business needs.

Working closely with our clients, we identify solutions for all of their printing and design needs. Our goal is to help our clients to stand out from their competition and leave a lasting impression.

For more information please contact Anne McClimon at 651-687-0440 or visit their website at