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Where Can I Find More Customers?

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Come join us for our monthly luncheon to learn How to Find More Customers!! Presented by our SBAB experts Beau Nordby (OrangeBall Creative), Jeff Johnston (Archetype), Larry Davis (Foxtracks), and Jess Tiffany (Marketing and Networking University).

Just like that, 2018 is here and in full-swing. If you’re like most businesses, you’re looking to grow. And if you’re like most of those businesses, growing means gaining more customers.


Customers don’t start as customers. They start as prospects. Do you like cold calling? Of course not. Would you rather have qualified leads come to you? Of course!


There are many analogies out there to describe how to market and prospect. We’re in Minnesota so we’re going to use fishing to help explain how to “catch new customers.”


Fishing for Customers in 4 Steps:

  1. What category of fish? Saltwater or freshwater. Big fish or pan fish. Identify your ideal customer personas.
  2. What type of fish and what lure? Sunny, northern, swordfish, or trout. Craft a marketing message that attracts and connects with your target personas.
  3. Where to fish? What pond? What area of the lake or ocean? Market where your personas live.
  4. Go fish. What’s your technique? How are you working the lure? You have the tackle box and the spot picked out – put it to action and adjust as needed.


Those are four, easy to understand step. But, as you probably know, there’s a lot of info to cover in each of those steps. Fishing is an art. It takes experience, knowledge, and the right gear.


We’ll help you to answer the question, “Where Can I Find More Customers?” Join us to hear our panel of marketing and sales “fishing guides” present great information on how to get started and answer any questions in our Q&A session.


First time guests are FREE!  If you are a repeat guest, the cost is still only $20. Meeting will begin at 11:30 with lunch served at 11:45. Presentation begins with our experts teaching on the month’s topic and is followed by an open Q and A. Guests can ask questions of our members and pick their brains for expert advice. Meeting always ends promptly at 1:00 pm!

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Jan 17 2018


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


FREE to first time attendees, or $20


Lost Spur Golf and Event Center
2750 Sibley Memorial Hwy, Eagan, MN


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